Before starting a mosaic project I get this sense of ‘freeze!!!!!’  Or squirrel mode.  Squirrel mode is a kind of skittish, non-focused and stressful mode.  It is horrible and disabling, however maybe that is what needs to happen for one to push through and get into the feeling side of life. There are other ways in darling with the creative freeze or block.

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Last night I decided, to get into the feeling mode, I need to run. It’s quite difficult to put your running shoes on, however once you out the door it’s quite simple…. one foot in front of the other, keeping the breathe steady. If breathing becomes very hard, just run slower. Simple.

“Just stay in bed a bit longer…. it’s lovely and cosy here,” was the dilemma I was going through this morning.

To encourage creative surges I need to be active and run or do something that makes the blood flow through my body. Once finishing my run at 8 A.M this morning I felt ‘alive’ with feeling. Cheeks pink with oxygen and my inside feels warm and fuzzy. Now……….. This is a great space to start my next project.

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