Bit by Bit Mosaic

Stumbling into mosaic was the best mistake that has ever happened. Finding a career in what you love is a process and journey. It finds you when you put energy in being aware, what I mean is to be aware of what makes you tick. That’s what mosaic art gives me.

I call it “voooma” the energy inside yourself which makes you feel like you have found your place or space to just be yourself. In this way you will never have to go to a job.  When a job is your passion, you actually like going to work.

It all started by accident! Bit by bit Kerry Atherstone built the Cape Town based company from scratch. It started with an old coffee table which was in dying need of a face-lift. There were old tiles lying around the house and I was studying Fashion design at Cape Tech at the time. Our brief that week at tech was deconstruction design.

Smash, smash, smash! My brother walks outside to the small courtyard and he sees me smashing these tiles.

“What on earth are you doing?” my brother asked. My reply was, “ deconstruction design.” What I learnt in the process was that sometimes we need to smash something to re-create it and give it new life, new leaves. In my opinion this is the essence of creation.

Bit by bit mosaic is a Cape Town based mosaic design company. We specialize in two areas: Mosaic art commissions and events. We also offer training for individuals that want to advance their love for creativity, and sometimes do community projects. I don’t have a job, I have a passion, my passion has allowed me to have my own business. I encourage you to live your passion. Be the best you can be.