Team building

Stitching your colleagues together Bit by Bit to ensure a durable level of communication is the overall aim of the creative game. We offer three creative packages for team-building, all custom designed for different business needs. We encourage you to find out more. Businesses often fall into routines and structures that restrict innovation, creativity and collaboration. Our team-building provides an opportunity to clean out the cob webs of the standard “ways of work”. It will stimulate communication and business reflection, the outcome being a “well-oiled machine”.


Our workshops are suitable for students wanting to improve their mosaic technique. Even those that want to begin or learn mosaic and start their creative journey with mosaic art. Here at bit by bit we welcome anyone that wants to train. All mosaic materials, tools, refreshments and a range of projects to choose from are included in the fee. All you need to bring is yourself and a friend to experience a day you will always remember.

Hen parties

Pick your desired mosaic art to make for the luscious bride to be. The bride and all her best friends will then create the mosaic piece together whilst the bubbles rise and the good times flow. Its a good way to spend your special day with your friends, spent being creative and fun.

Kid’s parties

You can choose from one of our nine available “Kids DIY Kits” or we will run your child’s party for you. The packs are great for improving hand eye co- ordination, lateral thinking, and creativity and of course for keeping the little ones busy. We make the experience fun for kids in order for them to broaden their creative minds. We have had much feedback on the joy of these packs have given to both kids and parents.