From the first lesson I was sold and the addiction started. My first encounter was smashing up cheap white bathroom tiles and wanting to revamp my granny’s table from the ice age. The first was a flop and then I landed up at Rosemary’s craft lessons, taking classes in East London.

How mistakes were evolving into a passion.

Life is so strange that whenever I seem to be looking for something I never seem to find it. 

‘Hide n Seek’ at Rosie’s classes she really tapped into my mind and inspired and cultivated this new desire for mosaic. My thirst for learning mosaic and gutsy character is how I created ‘Bit by bit mosaics’.  Researching and feelings are the key factors to a mosaic project, with a touch of patience or a whole bucket full. My first project was a pot stand.  Colours of apple green and apple red. 

From this patchwork of ideas I will unwind the stories as my Mosaic diaries.

Every morning I would go Rosie to eagerly learn more.  She just encouraged me into what I was good at instead of dragging me down.  This was the perfect brew of teaching; that I needed at the time.  The next project was my mom’s house number.  I had a thing for apple green and red at that time, however with this project I added some mirror into the design to outline the number. I really just went with the flow of what my heart desired.

In the end the mirror bits made the number almost seem as if it was a fire ball spinning, similar to that of a Catherine wheel at Guy Fox. My inspiration came from a Mexican feel.   I landed up giving it to a friend Heidi who lived in Cape Town as her wedding gift.  Whilst creating the pieces it felt as though I was mending my broken soul.  Bit by bit the glue I used was patching it back together similar to that of a ‘patch work.’

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