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What bit by bit offers:

  • Workshops
  • Weekly classes
  • Advanced workshops
  • Kids parties
  • Hen parties
  • Team building
  • Products
  • Adult DIY Kits

You don’t have to be Gaudi to make a beautiful mosaic. Walk out of our workshop with a soothed soul and mosaic project created by you - from start to finish. Bit by bit will give you all the knowledge and tools for you to further explore the artistic talents that are within us all. You will be amazed at your own creative edge.

Take the first step and we will guide you through the mosaic process. All our workshops are very practical.

We offer a choice of workshops that will suit your needs.

For those who have dabbled in mosaic and recognised the need to set aside a time each week to invest in themselves. This is a regular bunch of ladies who all work at their own pace, decide on their own projects & on occasion enjoy a glass of wine to complement their mosaic art practise.

This well thought out course teaches you a more in depth knowledge of mosaic techniques and different fabrications. It runs for 6 weeks, once per week. There is limited space and therefore it is essential to book in advance.

Send us an email for more info on the workshops we have to offer.

You can choose from one of our nine available “Kids DIY Kits” or we will run your Childs party for you. The packs are great for improving hand eye co-ordination, lateral thinking, creativity and of course, for keeping the little ones busy. We have had much feedback on the joy these packs have given to both kids and their parents.

Holiday programs are also available. For more information contacts us.

Pick your desired mosaic piece to make for the luscious bride to be. The bride and all her bestie’s will then create the mosaic piece together whilst the bubbles rise and the good times flow.

Stitching your colleagues together Bit by Bit to ensure a durable level of communication is the overall aim of the creative game.

Businesses often fall into routines and structures that restrict innovation, creativity and collaboration. Our team-building provides an opportunity to clean out the cob webs of the standard “ways of work”. It will stimulate communication and business reflection, the outcome being a “well-oiled machine”.

We offer three innovative packages for team-building, all custom designed for different business needs. We encourage you to find out more.

Bit by bit mosaic kits are an easy to use product with step by step instructions. All materials are included and there are 9 kits to choose from. These kits are perfect gifts for children and to improve hand eye coordination, creativity and lateral thinking.

Contact us about your needs

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Our workshops are suitable for beginners or students wanting to improve their mosaic technique. All mosaic materials, tools, refreshments and a range of projects to choose from are included in the fee. All you need to bring is yourself and a friend to experience a day you will always remember.

If you are looking for something different to do, try one of the following Cape Town based workshops:

  • • Mosaic workshop 101
  • • Mural fabrication workshop (advanced-mesh technique)
  • • Children’s parties
  • • Team building
  • • Bachelorette parties

There is a choice of projects to suit your needs, there is limited space and therefore essential to book in advance.
If you interested in a custom mosiac, please email me or call me on 079 042 3908